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Dear friends,
We would like to express our deeply gratitude for your support and careness for Panpac over decades. In our continuous efforts to enhance the quality and integrity of our customer service, we are pleased to announce the successful integration of our two major brands, Panpac and Bioteque. This integration consolidates R&D, Production, Marketing and Sales department under a unified Bioteque Group quality system, aiming to deliver the best service and quality to our valued customers. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

感謝多年來對Panpac的照顧與支持,在我們不斷努力的提升產品的品質和客戶服務下,我們成功地整合了旗下兩大品牌:Panpac和Bioteque。將設計、製造、行銷及業務部門整合成一個完整的Bioteque Group品質系統,期待能為客戶帶來最棒的服務和品質。感謝您的共同參與,加入這段美好的旅程!

Medical Product Designing and Manufacturing

Panpac Medical Corporation was established in Taiwan in 1995. The focal point of our manufacturing capability
is built upon solid research, development, manufacturing, and protocols. We have been supplying our series of
devices across the globe and providing the utmost in quality and service. Panpac is one of the key players in
manufacturing the finest OB/GYN products over the last two decades. Our production output warrants the continued
supplies for our distributors. 

Panpac is continually gathering the latest information and evaluating our product portfolio to develop better designs.
Our R&D team is committed to continued learning and maintaining a deep understanding of OB/GYN products.