Uterine Manipulator Injector

The Uterine Manipulators are designed for Laparoscopic Tubal
Occlusion, Diagnostic Laparoscopy, Minilaparotomy, Fertility
Exams, and Salpingoplastic procedures where manipulation
of the uterus is required.

Made of transparent plastic and is biocompatible; designed with
double lumen tubes – one for inflation of 10cc intrauterine cuff
and the other for injecting contrast imaging fluid through the
distal port. The balloon will be inflated to avoid backflow of
the fluid (with or without clamps). 10cc syringe is included.


SKU Length(mm) Dimension(OD/mm)
UMI 4.5 330 4.93
UMI 4.5K 350 4.93
*UMI 4.5K: With a side-lock on the handle for securing the injection catheter.