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Medical Product Designing and Manufacturing

Panpac Medical Corporation was established in Taiwan in 1995. The focal point of our manufacturing capability
is built upon solid research, development, manufacturing, and protocols. We have been supplying our series of
devices across the globe and providing the utmost in quality and service. Panpac is one of the key players in
manufacturing the finest OB/GYN products over the last two decades. Our production output warrants the continued
supplies for our distributors. 

Panpac is continually gathering the latest information and evaluating our product portfolio to develop better designs.
Our R&D team is committed to continued learning and maintaining a deep understanding of OB/GYN products.

Quality Management
Panpac is FDA registered and ISO13485, MDSAP, GMP certified. We follow the stringent requirements of
ISO 13485 and have a Quality Management System which takes care of quality control and assurance by our
professional QA and QC team.
*Panpac is currently undergoing CE/MDR audit process and will make an update to this information when available.
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